The Netherlands in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Register when staying abroad

Do I need to register at the Dutch embassy or consulate?

In an emergency, such as a natural disaster or outbreak of social unrest, it can be of vital importance that we can reach you and keep you informed. For this purpose, we are introducing the Kompas online crisis contact system. Registration is free of charge and without obligation. You only have to register once, and it takes less than five minutes. From then on, you only need to change your details if you are going on a journey or moving house. Kompas keeps and protects your contact details, which will be used only to contact you and assist you in an emergency. To register, go to the Kompas online crisis contact system.

Registration is voluntary

Dutch nationals who reside abroad are not obliged to register with the Dutch mission (embassy or consulate). Registration is voluntary.

The mission will not register your details if, for instance, you come to apply for a new passport. If you are no longer registered with the Dutch municipal personal records database (GBA), you are expected to register with the foreign municipality where you reside.

The mission sometimes keep a mailing list for circulating general information, promoting trade, and sending messages about events such as King’s Day and Sinterklaas celebrations. You will not be registered for this unless you give the mission explicit consent.