The Netherlands in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Trade and investment

The Netherlands embassy in China and Mongolia aims to strengthen the economic relationship between the Netherlands and Mongolia. Important partners are the Dutch Enterprise Agency of the Netherlands ministry of Economic Affairs, the ministry of Foreign Affairs and the ministry of Finance.

The embassy can among others assist you with:

  • general information on economic developments, the business environment and economic opportunities in the various economic sectors;
  • advise on doing business in Mongolia;
  • identifying relevant government and branch organisations;
  • information on economic instruments provided by the Netherlands government.

You can contact the embassy in Beijing via the secretariat of the economic department: +86 10 8532 0200 or


Opportunities for Dutch companies can among others be found in sectors such as mining and related service industries. The Mongolian government is committed to diversifying its economy and is pursuing the development of the agri-food sector (dairy, greenhouse development, fruit and vegetables) and the tourism sector.

The Dutch Ministry of Finance attaches great importance to good relations with her counterparts abroad. In a number of countries the Ministry also offers her assistance to support counterparts and affiliated organisations in their development and reforms, if so requested. Why? Because we feel that a strong and well functioning Ministry of Finance is of utmost importance to implement policies to bolster economic growth and employment.

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